Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Top Ten Reasons for Choosing Candles By Victoria - Reason #4

We're getting closer to number one! :)
(4) If, indeed, variety is the spice of life, then Victoria has the biggest spice cabinet of them all! I've already mentioned that Victoria offers more than 730 scents. Not enough variety? Okie Dokie. Let's break down the absolutely, magnificent, and truly awe-inspiring catalogue of goodness that Victoria offers:
Scent Options: 743
Glitter Options: 57
Fragrant Options (candles, oils, or scent shots, made of your fragrance choice): 25
Specialty Candle Options: 48
Designer Bowl Design Options: 7
Country Kettle Design Options: 5
Candles Offering Glitter Combinations: 2
So, if I wanted to order my favorite fragrance (choosing 1 of 743 choices), in a candle that offered glitter (1 of 2 choices), and choosing my glitter combination (1 of 57 choices), that would equal a whopping 84, 702 possibilities. I'll give you a moment to absorb that ginormous number...
Or, more simply, if I wanted to order my favorite fragrance (1 of 743 possible), considering all of the types of products that Victoria offers in which you could choose your scent (candles, scoop some scent, crumb melts, diffusers, refresher oils, scent shots, and super tarts - 1 of 25 choices) that would afford me 18,575 possibilities. Yep. That's a whole 'lotta options.
I could give more examples, but I really don't like math that much, and my brain is beginning to swim in numbers...
The point is, if you weren't impressed by the sheer number of scents that Victoria offers (seriously, why wouldn't you be?), then to factor all the other choices that make your order with CBV uniquely your own is just...well, mind-boggling!
Choices...who can have too many of them? :)
Thanks for reading up on my #4 Reason - and I hope that you'll join me again tomorrow to see the first of my top 3 reasons for shopping with CBV! In the meantime, I seriously hope that my brain recovers from "number overload" and I can actually count from 3 backwards to 1...

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  1. HAHA, cute pic! This is all very interesting. I'm really enjoying all these reasons! I couldn't agree more. Good job, love the blog!