Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Top Ten Reasons for Choosing Candles By Victoria - Reason #10

The countdown has begun!
Today begins the ten day countdown to the Van, Texas (a.k.a. Candles By Victoria Headquarters) Meet-Up (according to my travel plans), so I thought it would be fun to list the Top Ten Reasons for my quick dissension into CBV obsession-land (yep, ala David Letterman - although, mine will be completely in earnest rather in jest - okay, maybe I have to throw in a little jest, just for fun). After all, it isn't every company, or product, that inspires the type of devotion that makes one want to travel thousands of miles to meet the company's owner - or catch a glimpse into the place where all the magic happens. Yes, friends and family are wondering about me. How could this extent of product loyalty happen so quickly? I thought it would be fun to ask myself what made me such a fan of CBV - in such a short time (I made my first purchase just four months ago), and put it in writing.
So, without further delay, here is the first of my Top Ten Reasons for Choosing Candles By Victoria, starting with number ten, and working down to number one. I'll post each number day by day, so that this doesn't become the world's longest blog post - and also as a way to count the days down until my flight leaves for Van. I'll be curious to see if any of my reasons match your reasons for shopping with Victoria. I have a feeling that we're all on common ground with a lot of these!
(10) Call me crazy, but purchasing a candle by means of placing it in my cart at a discount store - next to my much needed batteries and toilet paper - doesn't thrill me at all. Why would I shop for candles that way, when it can truly be an experience? Ordering from Victoria involves good old fashioned anticipation. Anticipation is really an overlooked pleasure these days - perhaps due to technology (and said discount stores), we have answers and shopping needs taken care of in short order. Most of the time, I have to admit, it's a pretty sweet thing - I mean, nobody would want to wait for toilet paper ;). But with hand-crafted things, the old saying, "worth the wait" really does apply. That's where Candles By Victoria comes in. Your experience begins with your decision of what scents you would like to order from over 730 possibilities. Over 730 possibilities. Take that, Baskin Robbins. Once your order has been placed, your candles are hand-poured especially for you. Especially for you. Seriously, when is the last time that you ordered anything (besides a sandwich) that was made to your specifications? I can think of very few instances for me. Once the wonderful CBV team pours your candles, you get a lovely shipping notice via email. The candles that you ordered - that were made specifically for you, are on their way to you - and you now know what day they will be arriving. On your package arrival day, you try very hard not to sit and wait for this guy with your nose pressed against your window.
Mmm hmm.
Once that brown truck stops in front of your house, you can't help but meet the guy in the brown shorts at the door, and wrench the box (I mean, kindly remove your package from your UPS man's hands...) so that you may run back into your home - jumping over any furnishings in your path - to open your CBV present (I mean, order)!
So, I ask you, how many products do you purchase that have this type of effect on you? For me, not that many at all. I've likened the feeling to being an anxious child on Christmas morning, hardly being able to wait for the time I could tear into my presents. So, basically, Victoria provides me with that childlike feeling every time I place an order now that I'm an adult - when I don't get to feel like a child hardly at all anymore.
So, anticipation... Yep, it's definitely a good thing. :)
Thanks for reading, and check in tomorrow for my #9 Reason for shopping with Candles By Victoria. In the meantime, you can be thinking about your own reasons - I'd love to hear what you come up with!

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