Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Top Ten Reasons for Choosing Candles By Victoria - Reason #6

Are we there yet? :) No? Okay, onto #6 then!

(6) The other day, a topic came up on Victoria's Pouring Pot message board that really got me thinking about doing this Top Ten Countdown. The question was asked if Victoria's bakery scents were good, because the member that was asking said that she had tried other company's and didn't care for them. Of course, I, along with a lot of other Pouring Pot members, assured her that Victoria's bakery scents were to die for - and that she should try them straight away. (I have to take a minute to shudder at the thought of never having discovered Berry Blackberry Cobbler...).

After I gave my response, which I'll get to in a minute, I thought, "but really, that's only one of the many reasons why I choose to buy from Victoria instead of other companies," hence writing these blog entries. But, to get back to Reason #6, I'll echo that same sentiment here: It's the difference between purchasing a candle where people will say, "That's a nice scent that smells like brownies," versus having a CBV candle burning, and people will say, "When will the brownies be done baking?". Victoria's candles are just the most realistic scents that you can purchase in wax form.

Going back to the Pouring Pot - members write about this phenomenon all the time. A member will be burning a CBV candle, and a family member will be put out because they thought that she was truly baking something. And, from my own experience, it really is common for my son to come home from school and ask, "Are those cookies I smell, or a candle?" And, in my many years of burning candles before I found Victoria, that simply never happened.

There used to be a candle commercial that came on around Christmas time, where the hostess was having guests over, so she took a store-bought apple pie out of the box and placed it on a platter, put an apron on, and lit an apple pie candle that made all of her guests say, "You must have spent all day baking!". Bless their marketing team's hearts, it was a cute commercial - but you have to have the product to back up the claims. Victoria does. 'Nuff said. :)

So, when you purchase Victoria's "Fizzy Pop" scent, you can look forward to actually smelling the carbonation. Her "Chai Tea" scent is so smooth, you really expect the candle to swish around like you're holding a hot mug of the liquid in your hands. The CBV "Salty Sea Air" scent actually has the salt smell that you would detect while splashing in the surf. And, Vic's "Strawberry Danish" scent also has a slightly salty hint to it, but it is what you would find if you rolled out the dough to make the pastry yourself. It was a good idea for a commercial, wasn't it? ;)

And these are just a few of the scents that I've been able to try so far (but, that's another reason for another day...).

So, if you like realistic smelling candles, then Candles By Victoria is definitely where I'd recommend that you shop. But, if you like those candles that give off a little whiff of some manufactured scent every once and awhile - what a crushing bore this blog post must have been for you to read, lol!

Thanks so much if you did choose to read this. :) You guessed it, onto the top 5 Reasons tomorrow with #5. In the meantime, you can amuse yourself by thinking of wacky things that might be made into candle scents - Victoria does have a suggestion thread on her message board! I would just never let my teenage son know about that - I shudder to think of the combinations that he would come up with! "Stale Pizza That My Mom Didn't Find Until the Next Day", "I Don't Think My Sneakers Smell That Bad", and "No, My Bedroom Doesn't Smell Like a Locker Room" come to mind...blech...


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