Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Top Ten Reasons for Choosing Candles By Victoria - Reason #9

Continuing on from yesterday...

(9) Victoria's candles aren't just pretty faces... I've already mentioned the huge amount of scents to choose from at CBV (and yes, that was getting ahead of myself), but I'd like to talk about Victoria's works of art today. While jar candles make up the majority of my, and I'd venture to say most candle enthusiasts' collections, these "works of art" candles (as I like to call them) are something that we all aspire to purchase. Up until now, I've always wondered what would possess grown men to stand around a garage of a friend to look at some auto parts that he's purchased for - let's say - rebuilding a hot-rod. Now, I get it - because I have no doubt that if we could, CBV fans would immediately transport themselves to a home that just received one of these candle beauties, crack open a few beers (or glasses of wine...) and stand around and stare at these bad mamma jammas.

Which candles am I referring to? Well, the all-star line-up of regularly offered candles such as Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Slice Dream (which looks like the best ice cream sundae a person could dip their spoon into) and S'More Galore (which looks better than anything that you could put together beside a campfire as a jar of delectable ooey gooey goodness).

Oooh, and then there's the Sweet Treats Line featuring Hawaiian Colada (a blue tropical drink, complete with pineapple chunks and a frothy top layer which you would undoubtedly find yourself drinking on the beach) to Pink Cupcake (which seriously just needs a candle on top of the funfetti-like frosting for it to be an instant birthday cake in a jar).

And, last but not least, the Comfort Line of candles which include creations such as Sinful Strawberry Shortcake (complete with realistic wax strawberries and a beautiful red heart sticking out of the most decadent looking cream topping) and Chocolate Peanut Butter Mudslide (Creamy Peanut Butter top layer? It's got it. Adorable looking chocolate kisses and bar chunks? Yep, they are in there too). And, (drum roll please) this is where I get to stick my chest out and brag a little...

Yep, I got this little bad boy for Christmas this past year. I won't be burning him any time soon though - he's just too darn cute. But, here's the best part - this candle smells so good that you can just sit it out, and enjoy the fragrance without having to burn it.

Yes, you read correctly! These candles truly smell as good as they look. And, it's not really that common to find beautifully created candles that smell good at the same time. On the rare occasions that I've found super cute and realistic candle creations in the past - I found that they unfortunately had no more fragrance than a birthday candle when lit. I had come to the conclusion that, you could choose to purchase a candle for looks, but not to expect anything more. Victoria's candles changed that for me. Whether you choose to burn her works of art or not, you'll have a room that is fragrant with it's scent. That's pretty darned impressive if you ask me.

Thanks for reading up on my #9 Reason for my CBV Addiction. I'll be here again tomorrow with #8, and I hope you visit my blog again. In the meantime, amuse yourself by thinking about what other well-known works of art would smell like. I'm thinking the Mona Lisa would definitely smell like bubble gum...

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