Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Top Ten Reasons for Choosing Candles By Victoria - Reason #7

Geez, I'm not even halfway to #1 yet! :)

(7) Yes, yes...clean burning fuels can be a great thing for the ozone layer - but it's more important to me to have clean burning wax in my house! Yes, my friends - you know what I'm talking about! Victoria's candles simply burn clean.

I have to admit, I'm a little OCD when it comes to my candles. I love, love to take good care of them - so that they not only smell good when I have guests over, but they look good as well. And no, I'm not talking about the cutie patootie candles that I consider to be Victoria's works of art - they need no help in looking adorable. I'm talking about jar candles that don't have to be babied to look good. No more foil tents, no more jar toppers...Victoria's beauties take care of the work on their own.

Let me share a little comparison with you all. I must warn you though, this first photo is not for the faint of heart. Sadly, it's when I gave up trying so hard to make this other brand name candle look good. Have you shielded the eyes of any small children in the room? Okay, here goes...


Ack! Yep, I'll bet that you do hear the slashing sound effect from the movie Psycho when you look at this photo - I know that I do...

Now, going from the ridiculous to the sublime, my lovely 8 ounce Berry Blackberry Cobbler Jelly Jar Candle, representing Team Victoria.


Ah, much better, isn't it? And I didn't have to use any foil! Or those silly jar topper thinga-majigs. I mean, seriously, it was a great idea to entice people to spend more money, but what a pain in the tush to have to buy those just so your candle will burn the way it was supposed to in the first place!

And one of the fun side benefits from clean burning candles? Not only do they look great, but they continue to work great even after the candle is gone. Check out this nifty little desk topper (which still has a hint of Amish Quilt, even after it was washed out - much to my delight!).


Could I make a nifty little desk topper out of the candle jar in my first photo? I'd given up on keeping it nice looking while it still had wax in it, let alone try to salvage it for another use after! Nah, I'm a CBV gal through and through now...and my desktop is going to be full of these nifty little jars organizing all the little necessities that I normally try to find while rummaging through my desk drawers.

Thanks for reading about my #7 Reason for being a CBV customer today. I hope to see you tomorrow for #6! In the meantime, I hope you can erase my ugly candle photo from your mind...

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